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Hiking Adventures: Project Life and Scrapbooking layouts

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Hiking Adventures: Otherwise known as where I’ve been all month and why I haven’t been blogging!

Who’s idea was it to start blogging in the middle of summer anyway? I didn’t really think that one through very well, did I? I’ve been finding it so hard to be at the computer when it’s so gorgeous outside!

We’ve been having gloriously perfect summer weather here and I’ve been taking advantage. We’ve gone hiking in the Gatineau Hills every weekend this month. Here are a few layouts I made from our first foray into the forest.


The Quirky Heart Guide to Scrapbooking About: MOVIES and TV

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Quirky Heart Guide to Scrapbooking About Movies and Television Shows

Confession: I am a “theme scrapper.”

Yes I just made up that name. It’s not actually a thing. I just don’t know how else to describe my obsession with themed scrapbooking supplies! I love them. A lot.

I thought it would be fun to start a blog series where I share inspiration for scrapping different themes.

Each post will be a smorgasboard: layout inspiration, tips and tricks, relevant products in stores, page title ideas, journaling prompts, Pinterest inspiration, just about anything that could possibly help you scrap this theme. And since there is no way that I could ever find everything, I will end each post with an invitation for you to link us up to your own projects. The more ideas in one place the better, right?

Today we’re starting with movies and television! Here we go . . . (more…)

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