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December Daily – Belated Edition

Posted on by Michelle, under Hybrid & Paper

Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy New Year! Merry Christmas!

Oy. Late, much?

I’m slowly finding my way back online after an extended hiatus that started before Christmas. Apologies to anyone who was following my December Daily posts! I should put a disclaimer somewhere on this blog that says: “Beware that Michelle is not known for her consistency or keeping up with projects.”

I’m an introvert so whenever I get overwhelmed I tend to retreat and shut down. Sharing online is hard for me on a good day but when I’m burnt out from work, drama and/or health issues (all of which I’ve been dealing with these last few months) I become allergic to my computer chair.

I realize everyone has moved on from December Daily by now but for the sake of finishing what I started, here is some of the rest of my album: