The Quirky Heart Digest is a monthly inspiration zine that I publish via Patreon. I am opening it up to commercial use now under the rules and licensing terms below.


Early access to a Condensed Commercial-Use Digest (hereby referred to as CCD for brevity)

Each issue is centered around a main theme and the CCD will include the 4 most pertinent pages:

  • Color Palettes
    • (8) palettes with 4 colors each. If you’ve ever had trouble coming up with color combos for your products this will be a HUGE help!
  • Moodboard
    • I purchase stock images to build the moodboard. My license to use those images is NOT transferable to you. You may not “copy + paste” these images but you can still use the moodboard to inspire your aesthetic. This is how I create a visual vibe for the month. It will give you ideas for patterns, textures and imagery to use in your own artwork.
  • Daily Doodle/Lettering Prompts
    • A list of 30 or 31 ideas for things to draw for your kits!
  • Weekly Challenges
    • My patrons use these to decorate their weekly planner spreads. You can create kits tailored to the specific prompts!

The sign up page has visual examples of everything included. SEE HERE

Your early access download link will be delivered via private message in the Patreon system.

You will also have access to the full issue when it is released to my regular patrons later.


  • Constant source of color palettes and themes for your products. You’ll never run out of ideas!
  • Early access! Get it a month in advance (soon to be two!)
  • Upon sign up you will gain access (and commercial permission) for all past issues. As of writing we’re on #8 so there are 7 past issues already for you to use anytime
  • A captive audience of 190 patrons (and growing every month!) who will be very interested in your QH-inspired products
  • Opportunity to advertise in my free Quirky Heart Community group (2,400+ members and growing!) This group is normally ad-free but I will create a post every month where you can link your products related to that month’s issue.
  • Access to my VIP Patron group reserved for patrons at the $10 pledge level. Advertising in this group will be limited to one post per month as well but you can take off your Shop Owner’s Hat, hang out with my patrons and participate in the monthly challenges if you wish (I give away prizes every month!)


$20 USD/month. Payments are processed by Patreon on the 1st of every month.


You will receive the CCD one month in advance of the first challenge for that month.

Here’s a timeline example using June and July.

  • June 1st: You will be charged $20 for the July CCD
  • June 2nd: You will receive your early access to the July CCD
  • June 25th: The full July issue is released for everyone
  • July 2nd: This is the beginning of the first challenge week for the July issue

I am working towards increasing this early access to two months but for now this is what I can offer.


It’s a monthly subscription however Patreon makes it very easy to cancel or pause your account. If you want to try it for one month or you need to take a break you may do so without penalty.


Whatever you can dream up!  Any printed or physical products (stickers, stencils, stamps, dashboards, papers, stationery, housewares, etc.), digital scrapbooking kits or printables are fine. I can’t think of a product that wouldn’t be ok but if you’re unsure please email me at


Products inspired by past issues can be released anytime while you’re a subscriber.

Products inspired by the current CCD can be released anytime after you receive it on the 2nd of the month.  However, please remember that your products are being released before my patrons get to see the issue so be mindful of not spoiling too many details. For example, you can put wording in your product listing similar to:

“This challenge is inspired by Week 3 of the July 2018 Quirky Heart Digest.”

DO NOT copy the wording of the challenge or explain the exact nature of the challenge. When they look at your kit they will have an idea of what the challenge might be but there’s no way they’ll be able to guess the exact parameters so don’t spoil that for them.

The point of early access is so that patrons can get their hands on products in time to use in their spreads. When you consider production windows, shipping times, etc. there’s no choice but to release these in advance. There will be a slight degree of teasing and spoiling but this is a necessary trade off for being able to purchase products in advance.



Upon signing up, you will receive a private message from me asking if you’ve read the rules. Replying will confirm that you accept the following terms:

  • You must mention in your shop listing that the product was inspired by the Quirky Heart Digest. A link back to my Patreon is not mandatory (but appreciated if you do!)
  • You may sell your products on whatever platform you do business – Etsy, your personal website, Patreon, etc. As long as you obey the above rule of crediting me in your listing.
  • Respect the confidentiality of your early access and do not release spoilers for not-yet-released issues as per instructions in Section #7)
  • Your Quirky Heart Digest-inspired products cannot be racist, homophobic, offensive or be in violation of any laws. This includes copyright law – artwork should be your own or clip art for which you have a valid commercial license to use.
  • I reserve the right to request that you disassociate any offensive or illegal material from my brand name.  I also reserve the right to block and revoke anyone’s commercial license at my discretion if they don’t comply.
  • If I notice that someone is abusing the Patreon system their license will be revoked and they will be blocked.
  • You may not share, sell or redistribute the digest as-is in any way.
  • You are only getting a license to use the digest in the manner described above. All copyrights remain with me and the contributing artists/photographers.
  • I reserve the right to modify these terms at any time. Patrons will be notified if/when this happens.


Last updated 2018/05/27