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My Quirky Planner – August 2015

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I’ve always been obsessed with stationery and notebooks and planners. I just never bothered to make them pretty. I mean, who has the time?

Well, apparently I do now. I’ve officially become one of those “planner people”.

Truth is I really DON’T have time for a new hobby but when has that ever stopped me!?

I just finished my first week in my shiny new planner:

QuirkyHeart-Planner-Aug15-Wk2-full (more…)

Project Life 2015: Bad days, Good days

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My first week of February got off to a rough start. When I realized the left side of my spread was shaping up to be Somber City I made a point of only permitting happy things on the right side.


I had a hard time running that top right card through my typewriter. The feeder did not like the thickness of it and for some reason I couldn’t get it to run straight to the end of the line even though I was well within the typing range. Hence why the journaling text is all screwed up. I might try to find another similar card (maybe this?) and start over but for now this will do.

Obviously not proud I got a ticket but I’ve always felt like I should put the bad in with the good in my PL.


This is an old Studio Calico typewriter font stamp set I’ve had for a while and never used. That’s ‘Morocco’ and ‘Grey Flannel’ Memento Luxe Ink.

And in case you’re wondering, that was a chocolate cake with strawberry-flavoured icing. It tasted like Hubba Bubba bubblegum from my childhood on a cake. Well worth the calories.



Hope your February was awesome! #cantbelieveitsmarchalready

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