About Quirky Heart


Who designed the blog?

I am so lucky that my little brother Dan is a web coding wizard. He has taught me some CSS over the years but I absolutely could not do this without him. We make a pretty good team. He handles the more complicated installing and coding, and then I come along and finish off with the graphics and easier stuff.


Who designed your logo?

Logo design is not a skill I possess!  I commissioned Sabina of Design Garden and I had an excellent experience working with them. I highly recommend their services if you are in need of your own logo.

Fun fact for you die-cutting scrappers reading this: I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the original logo out and used that as a stencil to create the sketchy doodled version you see in my blog header. How’s that for a hybrid project? ha! 🙂


Where does the name Quirky Heart come from?

When I first started out with digital scrapbooking more than a decade ago, I gravitated towards a small community of digi-scrappers that were doing something different. It was artsier and edgier than the mainstream. Today we would call it art journaling or mixed media. Back then they called it “freestyle” scrapbooking, and the adjective “quirky” was thrown around a lot. It no longer exists but we even had our own community website called Digital Art Quirks. As the years went by, art journaling and mixed media became more mainstream but the label of quirky always stuck with me.

Quirky is defined as: weird enough to stand out, but not weird enough to be off-putting. I relate to that sentence on so many levels! Pretty much the story of my life right there. And since everything I create truly comes from my heart – Quirky Heart.