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Studio Calico Toolbox Class – Week 1

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Very excited to take part in Studio Calico’s Toolbox class.

First I couldn’t resist making a digital page with all the yummy class materials (with a few finishing touches from Amy Tangerine’s Ready, Set, Go line)

You and Me by Michelle Baxter at

Of course digital is my comfort zone so this page came together in all of 20 minutes. My other project though took me ALL freaking day!

This is my first foray into “hybrid” scrapping. Shanna Noel has mastered this very cool technique of using digital templates/papers/brushes, etc. to build the base of a layout in Photoshop and then print it out for further embellishing. Genius, right!?

I’ve always admired her pages but was too scared to try it myself. Today I put my big girl panties on and gave it a whirl. I love the result. It opens up so many possibilities!

Mom & Dad by Michelle Baxter at

I used the chevron template included in the class materials with digital papers from Crate Paper’s Storyteller line. The paint splatters, doodles, and journaling were also done in Photoshop. I printed on white cardstock and embellished with bits from the Storyteller line and some Studio Calico wood veneers.

I have so many design commitments to catch up on, not to mention real life stuff keeping me busy. But all I want to do now is lock myself in my studio and hybrid scrap!

Check out Shanna’s gallery for more hybrid inspiration and here’s a great free tutorial.

Everything old is new again . . .

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This blog was born in . .. let’s see. 2010? 2011? Gosh I don’t even remember. Life got busy (as it always does) and this place was lost and forgotten.

Today I wiped the slate clean and we’re giving it another go!

I’m almost done my first year of Project Life, which I did digitally. I started on my wedding day – September 14, 2012 – to document our first year of marriage. I’m in awe that I made it this far! Some layouts are better than others, and there’s no consistency in style or design but that’s just how I roll 🙂 The main point is I got it DONE.

Encouraged by this achievement, I’ve decided to continue with Project Life in paper (and/or hybrid). Yikes!

I’ve dabbled in paper scrapping here and there over the last decade but it never really “sticks” because digital has spoiled me. It’s so much quicker and easier for me to work in Photoshop. But I am determined this time . . .so, wish me luck!

This blog will be a place to share that journey . . . and to whine about my inability to cut a piece of paper in a straight line! (ha! kidding . . . sort of)